This November Douglas County voters have the chance to improve transportation infrastructure without raising new taxes. We can fund our county’s most pressing transportation needs by reallocating expiring Douglas County Justice Center Funds through Referendum 1A this November.

In doing so, we can generate more than $12 million annually in new funds. These funds will fix our roads and alleviate traffic congestion.

Referendum 1A is unanimously endorsed by the Douglas County Commissioners.



  • Through 1A, Douglas County voters can choose to redirect 0.18 percent of the expiring Justice Center Sales Tax, generating $12 million annually in new funds for transportation improvements without raising taxes or incurring debt. Referendum 1A simply reallocates existing yet expiring funding from the Justice Center to roads and transportation.
  • Without raising new taxes or incurring debt, Referendum 1A will generate more than $12 million annually in new funds for transportation improvements.
  • Without raising new taxes or incurring debt, Referendum 1A will fix our county’s roads without taking away funding from any community service including public safety and law enforcement.
  • Without raising new taxes or incurring debt, we can minimize traffic congestion, counteract the negative impacts of population growth, and maintain our County’s high quality of life.


  • The 2019 Douglas County Citizen Survey states that nearly 90 percent of Douglas County voters approve to redirect existing sales tax dollars to growth-related projects like roads and infrastructure. 
  • The condition of our county’s roads has consistently ranked as the top concern year after year as shown in the county’s annual Citizen Survey.
  • Douglas County is expected to grow by 18 percent over the next 20 years. Referendum 1A recognizes population growth is outpacing the county’s current transportation infrastructure. 
  • In 2017, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) estimated the average cost due to excess traffic delay is approximately $900 per year per household. This amount will more than double by 2040 with continued growth in the Denver region and Douglas County yet without adequate funding to address our growing transportation needs. Referendum 1A is a solution that can address the state’s funding gap for roads. New funding sources are even more crucial considering federal funding for roads is on the decline and Douglas County is home to 5 of the most 25 congested intersections in the entire Denver Metro Area, according to DRCOG.
  • Through 1A, funding will go the County’s most congested areas including:

Lincoln from Oswego to Parker Road

Lincoln and I-25 Interchange

Hilltop from Canterbury to Singing Hills Road

Crowfoot Valley Road from Founders Parkway to Bayou Gulch Rd

Hwy 85 from Sedalia to Castle Rock

Monarch Blvd from McArthur Ranch Rd to Castle Pines

Lincoln from Quebec to Yosemite

  • To maintain the quality of life that all of us seek in Douglas County, we must act today by voting yes on Referendum 1A. Doing nothing will result in gridlock. 



“Our county needs innovative funding streams to help meet funding gaps in essential transportation services. Referendum 1A is a smart policy solution to a complicated issue. Without raising taxes or incurring debt, we can make countywide transportation improvements to the tune of $12 million annually. Of all the countywide issues that voters care about the most, transportation rises to the top time-after-time. Referendum 1A shows how we, as our County Commissioners, are listening to voters.”


- County Commissioner and Board Chair Roger Partridge


“It is clear that the public’s frustration over traffic congestion is mounting. Without raising taxes or compromising public safety, we can significantly impact and improve our county’s roads by redirecting expiring sales tax dollars from the Justice Center Fund. This is commonsense policy that I believe is imperative to maintaining our region’s quality of life while preparing for future population growth, which is inevitable. For these reasons, I along with all County Commissioners for Douglas County, adopted to both sign a resolution and endorse Referendum 1A.” 

- County Commissioner Abe Laydon


“In voting Yes on Referendum 1A, voters will be voting for a funding source that will help fix our county’s most congested intersections through the redirection of a sales tax already in use and soon to expire. This means we can raise monies to mitigate congestion and improve our roads without raising county taxes, incurring debt, or compromising public safety. I can’t think of a more responsible measure that elevates our region’s quality while respecting taxpayer wishes for no new taxes.”

- County Commissioner Lora Thomas



Will Referendum 1A Raise My Taxes?

No. Referendum 1A does not raise new taxes. It simply reallocates the Justice Center sales tax that is expiring.

Will this take away funds that go to law enforcement and public safety?


Will this measure leave the Justice Center in the dark?

No, all needs have been met as it relates to the Justice Center. Hence, the reallocation of this tax is a sensible, reasonable approach to improving our failing roads without raising taxes.

What roads will Referendum 1A fix?

The County has developed a detail plan for our transportation needs called the 2040 plan, which can be found here:

What the county lacks is the resources to complete the plan. 1A will help us meet that goal.

Who endorses Referendum 1A?

Referendum 1A is unanimously endorsed by all three of the Douglas County Commissioners and the Douglas County Businesses Alliance. The DCBA represents over 5,500 businesses and 155,000 employees and jobs and representatives of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, Castle Rock Economic Development, The Chamber of Northwest Douglas County, The Northwest Economic Development Corporation, Parker Area Chamber of Commerce, and the South Metro Chamber of Commerce. Douglas County businesses understand the importance and value of investing in a strong transportation network for the economic health of Douglas County.